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Vintage Steel and Wood started as a side project at my home shop here in Wylie Texas.

I am a metal fabrication specialist by trade. I have worked in fab shops all my life building race cars, custom cars, commercial trucks, military vehicles and armored personal vehicles. I have 30 plus years experience in welding and in all kids of steel fabrication.

My wood background was far less when I started this venture. I had only built things like cabinets, shelves, picnic tables and coffee tables before I started this.

In early 2011 I was building custom car and truck suspension parts and selling them on the internet. I decided that had went about as far as I could go without going to doing it full time as a job/career. I decided I wanted a side business/hobby that was different than what I had been doing for so many years. Then in late 2011 my friend Michael Howard suggested I look into building vintage industrial styled furniture and fixtures. I looked into and decided to make a few pieces and kind of test the waters so to speak. I made a clothing rack for my wife and a couple coffee tables. These had some interest so I posted them on Etsy and sold them pretty quickly. I just kept making more items and it has turned into this.

By spring of 2013 I was so covered up with work I decided to do this full time. In May of 2013 I quit my day job and have been doing this ever since. I also have an added benefit of doing this from my home shop and that is I get to be a stay at home dad to my kids. I look forward to the future as I expand the business with new items. If you have any questions please email us through the etsy page. Thanks!

Thanks, Michael White


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