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*** Welcome ***

Welcome to the home page for Vintage Steel and Wood. We manufacture furniture with reclaimed and new steel and wood. We specialize in clothing racks, desks, coffee tables, dog kennels and all related furniture.

We are now launching our new line of dog kennels in wood and steel. I am creating pages as I get them done and picture taken. Please let me know if you have any questions about them.

The kennel below is perfect for one or two medium sized dogs. It's 46" long, 23" wide and 24" high. The top shelf is 48"x24" and the stain is Jacobean. We will offer these in all 11 stain colors on the made to order page for each style kennel. This just happens to be the very first one I've made.

Here is a link to our page for kennelS




Our online store is on Etsy.com and all of our sales go through the etsy page. This site is maintained to show things we can't show on our Etsy page such as stain choices, items we have built in the past, comparisons etc.

We also have a shipping map to show UPS ground shipping times from our facility in Wylie Texas. To access the shipping map just click on shipping here on the home page.

Click here for the VSAW Etsy.com page




If you have any questions please email me on the Etsy page.


Thanks, Michael White



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